The GSR Collection

The third edition of this biennial flagship report tells the global and regional stories of where we are and where we need to get to urgently on climate and sustainability action for transport and mobility. With contributions from 100 world-class experts and organisations, the GSR is a one-stop shop for the latest available data, trends, targets and developments on transport demand, emissions and policies. The GSR equips decision makers towards knowledge-based action and aims to raise ambition in transport policy and investment for people and the planet.

The sections of this biennial report were gradually released in modules, up to the final release of the full report and its Takeaways for Decision Makers in September 2023. Additionally, a series of thematic, sectoral and regional briefs, infographics, country factsheets and podcasts convey the report’s findings and their implications for transport, climate and sustainability.

Zooming In

Focus on some key trends, challenges and opportunities

Freight transport and logistics - released in February 2024

Recognising the essential role of freight transport in sustainable trade and development, this paper aims to shed light on the data, knowledge, policy and finance needs to further strengthen freight systems that efficiently combine different low-carbon modes, share capacities and rely on sustainable first and last mile delivery. The brief was produced in cooperation with the Kühne Foundation. Read

A just transition for transport workers - forthcoming, March 2024

This infographic explores the prevailing gaps that the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) submitted by countries under the Paris Agreement present with regard to actions for a just transition for transport workers. It also provides actionable recommendations aimed at bridging the gaps and consolidating groundwork for a sustainable, resilient and just path forward.

Economics for transport - forthcoming, May 2024

This piece summarises the key trends in land transport financing and outlines the challenges and opportunities for scaling up economic appraisals anchored on wide sustainability criteria. This piece is a collaboration between SLOCAT and the Transport Urban Mobility Initiative (TUMI)

Regional insights - forthcoming, June 2024

Tough Questions, Smart Answers on All Things Transport, People and Planet

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