Transport Knowledge Base (TraKB)

The SLOCAT Transport, Climate and Sustainability Global Status Report – 3rd edition aims to capture data and trends from the period between 2021 and early 2023. Throughout the report, the most recent publicly accessible data were used. These data are summarised in the Transport and Knowledge Base (TraKB) (current version 0.4), an open-source database that has been curated by SLOCAT over the years and that has been updated in conjunction with this third edition of the report.

The Transport Knowledge Base (TraKB) by SLOCAT is a large database on information about sustainable, low carbon transport. It provides a mix of datasets curated by SLOCAT (e.g. information on Nationally Determined Contributions and Voluntary National Reviews) as well as valuable data from various external sources (e.g. transport activity, emissions, air quality, road safety). All major mobility modes (e.g. aviation, bus rapid transit, cycling, rail, road transport, shipping, walking) are cover in the Excel-based database. TraKB gives users a one-click access to all major datasets of the SLOCAT Transport, Climate and Sustainability Global Status Report.

All information contained in the TraKB, unless otherwise noted, is licensed under Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). Under this license, users are allowed to share (i.e. copy and redistribute data in any form) and adapt (i.e. build upon the data for any purpose) as long as appropriate credit is provided.