List of abbreviations


o  Celsius  
A-S-I  Avoid-Shift-Improve 
A2Z  Accelerating to Zero Coalition  
A4E  Airlines For Europe  
AAAM  African Association of Automotive Manufacturers  
ACEA   European Automobile Manufacturers Association  
ACI   Airports Council International Europe 
ADA   Americans with Disabilities  
ADB  Asian Development Bank  
AFD   Agence Française de Développement 
AfDB  African Development Bank  
ALP   Asia LEDS Partnership  
ANWAC   African Network for Walking and Cycling  
ARENA   Australian Renewable Energy Agency  
ARTC  Australian Rail Track Corporation  
ASEAN  Association of Southeast Asian Nations  
AVERE   European Association for Electromobility 
B10  10% biodiesel blend in diesel  
B30  30% biodiesel blend in diesel  
B100  100% biodiesel blend in diesel  
BAK   Boda Boda Safety Association of Kenya 
BAU   Business as usual  
BDI   Federation of German Industries 
BMZ  German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development  
BRT   Bus rapid transit  
BS  Bharat Stage  
CAF   Development Bank of Latin America  
CBI   Confederation of British Industry 
CDRI   Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure 
CEOE  Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations 
CEVA   Corporate Electric Vehicle alliance  
CLEPA   European Association of Automotive Suppliers  
CLG   Corporate Leaders Group  
CNAM  National Conservatory of Art and Crafts of Paris  
CNG  Compressed natural gas 
CO2  Carbon dioxide 
COP26  United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, UK 
COP27   United Nations Climate Change Conference in Egypt 
DATUM   Datos Abiertos de Transporte Urbano y Movilidad  
DT4A   Digital Transport for Africa  
e-mobility   Electric mobility  
e-bike  Electric bike  
e-scooter  Electric scooter 
e.g.  For example  
EAMAU   African School of Architecture and Urban Planning  
ECF   European Cyclists’ Federation  
ECOWAS  Economic Community of West African States  
ECSA   European Community Shipowners’ Associations 
EDGAR  Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research 
EIE   Environmental Insights Explorer  
ERA   European Regions Airline Association 
ERPS  European Parliamentary Research Service  
ERRAC   European Rail Research Advisory Council  
ERT   European Round Table for Industry  
ESCAP   Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific  
ETS  Emission Trading System  
ETS  Emission trading scheme  
EU   European Union 
EV  Electric vehicle 
FAME  Faster Adoptions and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles  
FDI   Foreign direct investment  
g  gram  
GBP  British pound sterling  
GDP   Gross domestic product 
GEF   Global Environment Facility  
GFDT   Global Facility to Decarbonize Transport 
GFEI  Global Fuel Economy Initiative  
Gg  Gigagrams 
GIZ   Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit 
GLEC   Global Logistics Emission Council  
GVCs  Global value chains  
GW  Gigawatts 
HCN   Health and Climate Network  
HDM  Highway Development and Management Model  
HEAT   Health Economic Assessment Tool  
ICAO  International Civil Aviation Organization 
ICCT  International Council on Clean Transportation  
ICLEI   Local Governments for Sustainability  
IDB   Inter-American Development Bank  
IEA  International Energy Agency  
IFIEC   International Federation of Industrial Energy Consumers  
IISD  International Institute for Sustainable Development  
ILO  Internation Labour Organization 
IKI   International Climate Initiative 
IMF  International Monetary Fund  
IMO  International Maritime Organization 
IPCC  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 
IRAP   International Road Assessment Programme  
IRENA   International Renewable Energy Agency 
IRF  International Road Federation  
ISM   Informal and Shared Mobility in Low-and Middle-Income Countries  
ISO   International Organization for Standardization 
ISSB   International Sustainability Standards Board 
ITDP  Institute for Transportation and Development Policy  
ITDP  Institute for Transport and Development Policy  
ITF  International Transport Forum 
ITS  Institute of Transport Studies  
JETPs  Just Energy Transition Partnerships 
km  kilometre 
kWh  kilowatt-hour 
LAMAT   Locally Adapted Modified and Advanced Transport  
LEDS   Low-emission development strategy  
LEZs  Low-emission zones  
LFP  Lithium iron phosphate 
LG-CTA   Leadership Group for Clean Transport in Asia  
LNG  Liquified natural gas  
LOTUS   Low Carbon Transport for Urban Sustainability Initiative  
LPG  Liquefied petroleum gas 
LT-LEDS   Long-Term Low Emission Development Strategies 
LTS  Long Term Strategies 
LUTP  Leaders in Urban Transport Planning  
MaaS   Mobility-as-a-service 
MAC  Mobility and access 
MDB  Multilateral development bank 
MDS  Mobility Data Specification  
MEDEF   Mouvement des Enterprises de France  
MGPCA   Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action 
Mj  Megajoule  
MNEs  Multi-national enterprises 
MRV  Emission monitoring, reporting and verification  
MTCC   Maritime Technology Cooperation Centre 
Mtoe  Million tonnes oil equivalent  
NACTO   National Association of City Transportation Officials  
NAMAs  Nationally appropriate mitigation actions 
NAPAs  National adaptation programmes of action 
NAPs  National Adaptation Plans 
NDC-TIA   NDC Transport Initiative for Asia  
NDCs  Nationally Determined Contributions 
NEDC  New European Driving Cycle  
NEM  National electricity market 
NO2   Nitrogen dioxide  
NTS2  Scotland’s National Transport Strategy  
NUMO   New Urban Mobility Alliance  
NUMPs  Sustainable urban mobility plans  
NZ  Net Zero  
OECD  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 
PAAPAM  Pan-African Action Plan for Active Mobility 
PATH   Partnership for Active Travel and Health  
PCREEE  Pacific Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency 
PDR  People’s Democratic Republic  
PGK   Papua New Guinean Kina  
PIARC   World Road Association  
PIDF   Pacific Islands Development Forum  
PLAMOBI   Latin American Bicycle Mobility Platform  
PLI   Production Linked Incentive  
PM  Particulate matter  
PPPs  Public-private partnerships 
R&D  Research and development  
RAAHI   Auto-Rickshaw in Amritsar through Holistic Intervention 
REN21  Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century  
SAF  Sustainable aviation fuels 
SBT   Science Based Targets Initiative  
SDGs  Sustainable Development Goals  
SEMOVI   Mexico City’s Mobility Secretariat  
SIDS   Small island developing states 
SLOCAT   SLOCAT Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport 
SMMT   Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders 
SULPs  Sustainable urban logistics plans  
SUMPs  Sustainable urban mobility plans  
SUV   Sport utility vehicles  
TCFD  Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures 
TEN-T  Trans-European Transport Network  
THE PEP  Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme  
TUMI  Transformative Urban Mobility Initiative  
UC   University of California  
UCI   Union Cycliste Internationale  
UCL  University Colleague London 
UIC   International Union of Railways 
UITP   International Association of Public Transport 
UK  United Kingdom  
ULEZs  Ultra-low-emission zones  
UN  United Nations  
UNCTAD   United Nations Conference on Trade and Development  
UNDP   United Nations Development Program  
UNDRR  United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction 
UNECE  United Nations Economic Commission for Europe  
UNEP  United Nations Environment Programme  
UNFCCC  United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 
UNIDO   United Nations Industrial Development Organization 
US  United States  
US   United States  
USA   United States of America  
USD  United States Dollar 
VDA   German Association of the Automotive Industry 
VNO-NCW   Dutch Employers’ Federation  
VNRs  Voluntary national reviews 
VREF   Volvo Research and Education Foundations  
WBCSD   World Business Council for Sustainable Development  
WHO  World Health Organization  
WRI   World Resources Institute 
WSC   World Shipping Council  
ZEBRA   Zero Emission Bus Rapid-deployment Accelerator  
ZEZ-Fs  Zero-emission zones for freight  
ZEZs  Zero-emission zones