Atiq Ahmad
Lead Global Transport Specialist/Economist, IsDB

The report is a comprehensive guide for the need assessment, prioritisation of urgent actions, and mainstreaming the policy reforms and capacity development which are necessary for the long-lasting changes leading to zero transport emissions. It is extremely valuable for the IsDB Member countries and the Bank to achieve sustainable mobility goals.

Philip Amaral
Director of Policy and Development, European Cyclists’ Federation

The report demonstrates how successful we have been at adapting our transport and mobility habits to be more climate-friendly, while also showing the huge scale of the work we collectively must do in the coming years.

Robert Ambunda
Advisory Board Member – Masters in Data Science Programme, School of Engineering and the Built Environment, University of Namibia

The report provides a comprehensive understanding of the current status of the different facets of transport. Besides, it also enables us to identify key challenges in the sector and to translate them into opportunities in our global efforts to decarbonise and transform transport.

Rik Arends
Director of Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance, Smart Freight Centre

The report gives great insight and understanding of the current affairs of transport decarbonisation in freight transport, which can benefit everyone.

Jyoti Bisbey
Executive Committee Member & Head of Partnerships, World Association of PPP Units & Professionals

This report is one of the most comprehensive in-depth one-stop shops for transport sector in a global context. We can find key answers in the report as it provides a broad and thorough perspective on where we stand and where we are going.

Yann Briand
Senior Research Fellow, IDDRI

The report offers a unique up-to-date overview of key global, regional, and national transport-related benchmarks. It also provides a variety of policy-relevant insights to help decision-makers understand and tackle barriers to national and global transport decarbonisation.

Carolina Chantrill
Sustainable Mobility Work Group Manager, Asociación Sustentar

As a contributor to the report, I take great pride in our collective effort to provide a valuable resource for policymakers and professionals in our field. This report serves as an indispensable tool, offering insights for the sector and showcasing the instruments and best practices that are driving positive transformations in our journey toward a sustainable future.

Tsu-Jui Cheng
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Transportation and Communication Management Science, National Cheng Kung University

The report holds great value in providing insight into our current progress towards decarbonising transport and the collaborative efforts that lie ahead. It highlights actionable measures that can motivate governments at all levels to accelerate their efforts and commitments.

Joo Hyun Ha
Sustainability Strategy & International Partnerships Senior Advisor, UIC

The report is a great tool and assessment of the global progress of the transport sector towards decarbonisation. A regional and sectoral analysis in addition to the great examples really supports our work and UIC is proud to be a partner in this effort.

Sophie Punte
Founder, Smart Freight Centre

The report provides valuable insights for government and business leaders wishing to scale climate and sustainability action. I hope that the report motivates more stakeholders to demonstrate climate leadership.

Madan Regmi
Lead Sustainable and Low Carbon Mobility and Research, UNESCAP

The report is a useful reference document for policymakers, practitioners, academia, and researchers working in the areas of climate change and transport in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. A big thank you to the SLOCAT team and contributors for its timely publication.

Sandra Rothbard
Founder and Principal, Freight Matters

The report provides multi-modal, multi-sector, and multinational examples of the current state of transport sustainability around the world, offering readers the opportunity to leverage best practices to reduce emissions.

Andrea San Gil León
Executive Director, Global Network for Popular Transport

The report is one of the best resources to find global, regional, or sectoral information on transport trends, emissions, and policy. We are really excited that it also includes a chapter on informal transport, as it is an important transport mode for ensuring transport accessibility, especially in the Global South.

Bronwen Thornton
CEO, Walk21

The report, with a great omnibus of data, inspiration, and action, illustrates the growing demand for knowledge and progress in the transport sector. We are delighted with a chapter on Walking that highlights how walking contributes to the transition we need in the transport ecosystem.

Tu-My Tran
Head of Sustainable Mobility, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability

As we navigate unprecedented global shifts, the report underscores the urgency of transformative action in decarbonising transport. It also illuminates the path toward inclusive, livable, and climate-neutral cities and regions.

Thet Hein Tun
Senior Transportation Research Associate, World Resources Institute

The report stands as an authoritative source for global transport and climate data, ensuring we are in sync with the pulse of the latest developments in the field. This report is absolutely indispensable for our WRI Urban Mobility team’s analyses and studies.

Marion Vieweg
Founder, Current Future

Understanding the situation is essential to formulate successful strategies and measures to decarbonise the transport sector. The report is a great resource that enables actors to better comprehend where they need to go, and what others are doing.

Olatunji Yusuf
Lead Climate Adaptation Specialist, IsDB

At the IsDB, we are proud to be associated with the report, which tells a comprehensive story of the gaps in reaching the global climate and sustainable mobility goals. It will surely help international development financiers to develop relevant products, solutions, and interventions and support our client countries.