Data on
Sustainable Mobility:
A Call to Action

The SLOCAT Transport, Climate and Sustainability Global Status Report – 3rd edition benefits directly from data collected by a wide range of stakeholders working in different areas of transport.

Data are important for providing a comprehensive picture of the status of sustainable low carbon transport and are essential for both policy and investment decision making. In these times of change, it is critical to upgrade data and policy collection and interpretation capacities to better understand progress and the hurdles that must be addressed.

The data limitations mentioned below are not new. Obtaining regular, reliable and public data across regions and transport modes remains an outstanding issue. When an increasing number of stakeholders are collecting data and policy information, more and better open access data and capacity building efforts for data interpretation are supported by many multi-stakeholder partnerships in the sustainable, low carbon movement.

If you share our passion for open-access data and knowledge towards greater impact on policy and investment decision making worldwide and/or would like to contribute data or knowledge to our collective efforts on this report, please reach out to the research team in the SLOCAT Secretariat at